It is with great pleasure that the ChroniclesRP board members are announcing that the community is giving our members the opportunity to roleplay in Grand Theft Auto Online in a private RP server. One of our valued members and our Technical Officer have both been looking for an RP server in GTA Online that would meet our requirements of connexion stability and high RP standards. Thank to them, we have finally found a server that meets our requirements and is popular. Popularity comes with a price, since queue times might vary from 5 to 15 minutes during high traffic hours, but most of the day, the server is fully accessible to all the roleplayers that are part of the ChroniclesRP community, this opportunity extends to all the members of all our chapters and we are all looking forward to seeing you there!


Here’s a tutorial to join the server (of course you’ll need the original GTA V client downloaded before you proceed to follow these instructions):

  1. Go to https://fivem.net/ and download the FiveM client. This is a client similar to GTA Online which utilizes the same character yet is separate from Rockstar’s official servers. If you are banned or unable to use GTA Online for any reason it is likely that problem will not take effect on FiveM.

    2. Install FiveM by placing the .exe wherever you want the application to be located and running the installer.

    3.  Open the FiveM client

    4. Navigate to the “Servers” tab

    5. Select “THe WaCK PaCK RP 18+ PUBLIC SERVER” from the server list. You can do this either by manually searching through the list or by typing in any piece of the server’s name in the search bar above.

    6. Press “Connect”

    7. Create your character

    8. Configure your Voice Over IP settings (These can be found in the Voice Chat tab of the settings menu in GTA’s menu) to the following
         -Both Voice Chat Input and Output must be Enabled.
          -Voice Output volume set to MAX
          -Voice Chat Mode set to Push To Talk (Your PTT Key can be found in your Key Bindings menu, under GTA Online
          -Microphone Volume set to 2 under maximum (All the way up, then 2 ticks down)
           -Microphone Sensitivity set to MAX

    9. Enjoy