Name of Contract: "Skeleton War"

Issuer of Contract: Unnamed benefactor of Kiranth

Issued to: Claudia Eventyne Belusius III, Shara Ardent, Roran Austoire, Tanunden Hlaalu of House Redoran, Carolyn Desmer, Talks-with-Claws

Contract Status: Success

Mission Report:

The town of Wind Keep had come under attack by an army of skeletal warriors and the contract issuer tasked any available personnel to investigate. I took the contract myself and investigated the town to see it overrun with the skeletal creatures under the control of a necromancer in the graveyard wielding some relic that gave him power of the army. As the skeleton army cut down the militia, their bodies rose back up as skeletons to aid the necromancer.

Unable to complete the contract alone, I requested aid from the Inquest Compendium [unofficially, of course] and was met with the stealthy Shara Ardent and Talks-with-Claws, the eager Roran Austoire, the newblood Carolyn Desmer, and the hulking Tanunden Hlaalu. We joined with the remaining militia and assaulted the town full of skeletons and slowly burning down. Shara kept the archers busy so that the remainder of us could bring down the skeleton hoards. Once we had fought them to the town square, the skeletons came together in some form of ritual that ripped their skeletal bodies apart and reformed them all into a massive bone collossus.

The massive necromantic construct appeared to resist many of our conventional attacks. It took planning and coordination but we managed to bring the collossus down. Tanunden tore a massive wound in its leg with a single swing from his mace and opened a weak point for him and Shara to destroy it. Then, Shara and Roran climbed on its back to distract it while Tanunden ripped another chunk from its left arm it used for support and I swiftly removed the appendage, leaving the construct on the ground as Roran discovered the necromancer inside the skull head of the collossus. As Tanunden beat down on the construct's form several times, Shara reached in with her dagger and injured the necromancer to the point where he lost control and the collosus fell apart.

The necromancer tumbled to the ground and dropped the relic we sought, the Shrieking Skull. Roran retrieved the relic and would have beaten the Breton necromancer to death had Shara and Tanunden not intervened. We opted to take the necromancer to the Isle for interrogation along with the Shrieking Skull. While I do not know the specifics, I can assume the relic has some form of power over the undead.