Name of Contract: The Ruby Fragment

Issuer of Contract: Claudia Eventyne Belusius III

Issued to: Roran Austoire, Tanunden Hlaalu of House Redoran, Stiorra Stormy-eyed, Carolyn Desmer, Rizon Kernost

Contract Status: Success

Mission Report:

As always, I keep an ear out for anything interesting I hear that could benefit the Inquest Compendium, and my latest findings would provide a very beneficial boon to the Compendium. From a book I...acquired from one of my father's warehouses, I learned of an object called "The Chroma Key", a multicolored disk that unlocks a tomb somewhere in Tamriel. I had my informant and close friend, who's name shall remain anonymous for his own protection, look into this Chroma Key for me and he confirmed it exists, but its been fragmented into three parts and each part contains a piece to a map of the tomb

The first piece we discovered was in the possession of Sanryra Telvanni, a Dunmeri magistress of House Telvanni. I assembled a small team consisting of those listed above and we ventured to Vvardenfell. We arrived under the cover of night and Roran, Carolyn, and Tanunden managed to cause a distraction and get inside whilst Stiorra and I snuck in. With Roran and Carolyn posing as apprentice mages wanting to learn from Sanryra, Stiorra and I watched and follwed from the shadows as Tanunden stood guard outside.

The plan worked well, at first. Stiorra and I managed to hide and convince two servants they did not see us and to walk off as we took their spots outside. When a commotion caused by Tanunden getting into a fight outside with two Telvanni guardsmen caused Sanryra to exit her room, leaving the "Apprentices" inside, Stiorra and I ambushed her as Roran and Carolyn grabbed what they could from the room and were greeted by a battle ready Tanunden soon after.

Sanryra posed a significant threat with her Destruction Magic but we were able to defeat her and Stiorra managed to kill the magistress. Guards surrounded us but agree to let us go and cover the mess up after seeing what Tanunden had done to their comrade and being weak willed, themselves. With the Ruby Fragment in tow alongside the strange visions it passes to its holder, of which Roran and I can explain in more detail at a later date, we left the island to return home.