Name of Contract: The Emerald Fragment

Issuer of Contract: Claudia Eventyne Belusius III

Issued to: Roran Austoire, Carolyn Desmer, Shara Ardent, Gilha Theothees

Contract Status: Success

Mission Report: The heat and sands of Alik'r didnt stop us from retrieving the fragment. My contact had already recovered it, but bandits murdered him in his sleep and stole it. With no other options, Shara took the Ruby Fragment and acted as a guide through the desert to the Emerald Fragment. Night fell before we could find it and as we were about to make camp, we were ambushed by bandits. Fighting them off was no challenge until one of their mages appeared with a Sandstone Golem powered by the Emerald Fragment. The golem was a formidable foe but Caroyn managed to destroy it as Gilha killed the bandit mage with Roran retrieving the fragment and telling us the visions it granted him, like the Ruby Fragment, pointed to a dark swamp with tall trees. Upon closer examination of these fragments, I can without a doubt confirm they are Daedric in origin yet the inscriptions on each fragment elude me still.