It is with great pleasure and pride that we are announcing the arrival of one of Ashes of Creation's official content creators into our community. His name is Daedelus! He's a content creator working on multiple project like podcasts and shows relating (in some cases) to roleplay. Roleplayers are unfortunately not noticed enough in the gaming world, and yet they represent a large portion of the MMORPG community. Daedelus (Ashen Herald) aims to cater to the needs of roleplayers when it comes to discussions and media content.

Daedelus has been a gamer and storyteller at heart his entire life. His first MMO, Ultima Online, began his adventures in this exciting genre of entertainment. He began a YouTube channel in 2018 to focus his passion for Intrepid Studios' MMO, Ashes of Creation. The channel content includes game details videos, development news, theorycrafting and roleplaying podcasts. Join him as he ventures into Verra as the Ashen Herald.

You can check out his roleplay roundtable playlist here: