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      Name: Odingyan Additional nicknames/titles: Odin. Gender: Female Age: 24 Race/Homeland: Redguard Class: Sourcerer  Character Appearance: Chocolate moca skin, emerald eyes, kissed with freakles and long dark brown hair. Distinctive Markings: Lots of... [Read More]
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      Name: Gilha Theothees Additional nicknames/titles: Gil, and other colorful names. Gender: Female Age: 22 Race/Homeland: Argonian Class: Templar Character Appearance: Dark green skin with cold black eyes. Average muscular build. Has a small scar on the... [Read More]
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      Name of Contract: The Lost Crown of Akatosh Issuer of Contract: Gilha Theothees Issued to: Azaber Kogom, Roran Austoire, Wulfgar Trueblood, Rizon, and Carolyn Desmer Contract Status: Success  Mission Report My informat told me about... [Read More]