GTA:V Roleplay?
October 24, 2018 7:43 AM
MalteseWolf MalteseWolf


I saw mention of roleplay on a GTA:V server through the FiveM modification on the banners in the Chronicles website. Is this a thing?


And if it is, why did we choose FiveM which can only support 32 players at max? I suggest checking out RAGE:MP as a modification. There's already a number of roleplay servers and new ones being developed on that mod, some with pretty nifty features and sizeable communities.

Anyone interested to know more or check it out, post here or DM me on Discord at MalteseWolf#6786

October 24, 2018 7:43 AM

October 24, 2018 8:02 AM
Pacha Pacha


It is a project we had tried, but FiveM was completely messed up for some of our members and they couldn't join the server.


But I'm definetely interested in trying that out casually, that'd be neat!

October 24, 2018 8:02 AM

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