A Million Ways to Die in Ravnica
April 30, 2019 1:44 PM
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With the ever so growing population of folks introduced to the Plane of Ravnica and it's oddities of lore, we shall comprise a list of ways that your characters could die in Ravnica - just for caution! 

1. Swimming in Zeanot Seven, be wary of the Carnivoros Krasis and Piranha Merfolk

2. Hugging a disguised fungus woman who carries the death Spore

3. Not feeding the Sphynx zinos coins as they guard Orzhov Family Crypts; being of Orzhov family blood doesn't quench her greedy thirst

4. Being stabbed by a Simic scientist who was after someone entirely different on a morning train ride commute

5. Having your life mana being eaten alive by tiny ravnican metal bugs as they swarm you and everything around you 6. Being shot out of the sky by miss fired test izzet guild house ray cannons

7. Interrupting a Dimir takeover of a simple Tea House in Precinct one; they gotta have their black and blue tea 8. Walking underneath Selesnya's main Archway, you don't know when a 30ft Tall Gruul Invader will pop out behind an invisibility Cloak

9. Never share a taxi underground with a Loxodon, they'll squish you trying to run from every mouse they see

10. Choosing Rakdos entertainment to liven things up, is actually irony as you probably won't make it to the finale without dying of laughter, literally

11. Mixing Spores with Simic Mutagens. If you don't die, you'll at least look different


April 30, 2019 1:44 PM

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