Inquest Compendium

Inquest Compendium

The Burden of Knowledge



“We are the bulwark of the world, the alliances cannot be trusted with the powers hidden on Nirn. In ruins old and new, in towers that reach the skies, in caves as deep as the sea, we hunt the powers that endanger Tamriel and seal them away from the world. In the shadows, our blades and wits gather knowledge, through knowledge, we defend our reality - the balance of powers.”



Who are we (IC)

Inquest Compendium is a group dedicated to protecting Nirn no matter the cost, gathering the different spells, relics, and anomalies that could destroy the land they live in. Protecting those in Nirn from magic, bandits, and any other danger is their top priority, no matter what or where. Each person has a reason to join and a motive for why these threats must be stopped, and we welcome everyone willing to do their part. 

Who are we (OOC)

OOC the Inquest Compendium is a guild that does a mixture of combat, dialogue, investigation, and other interactive roleplays to find various relics scattered throughout Nirn. We chose to stay relatively small in number to allows for characters to have opportunities for meaningful development instead of being forced to be “just another grunt”.


“I was just like you. I used to go to school, did my time in the armed forces and I even owned a small business for some time. But one day, when I was out in the woods, I got lost. After almost a full day of walking around, trying to find my way back to my village, I heard a noise… Nothing like I had heard before, it was the chirping of bird or the rustling of leaves on the tree. It resembled something like a humming, a high pitched vibration of sorts, so I walked towards the source of the sound. It took me the better part of an hour before I finally found the source. I was hidden in the bushes when I saw Bloodthorn cultists, like in the stories that my parents used to tell me. They were performing some sort of ritual on the crystal that emitted the sound, it’s light was becoming stronger and stronger, almost like it was in pain as the cultists were destroying it from the inside… I felt the urge to jump out of the bush and help, but I didn’t have any weapons and it had been so long since my training in the army... That’s when my life changed, electricity formed around the cultists’ camp, I was stuck in that circle, dark cloud formed over us and start pouring down rain. The cultists stopped their ritual and panicked as they looked for the source of this magic, but before they could find it, it found them. A young woman calmly walked towards them, lightning covering her arms and walking through the electricity like it was opening a path for her. One of them tried attacking her, but before his hand could touch her, his entire arm was quickly sliced. Out of nowhere, a large Redguard holding a curved greatsword appeared and walked next to the woman, he quickly started running towards them and slid on the dirt to grab the crystal they were working on. As the cultists tried to attack the two intruders, the cloud shot lightning at them, pinning them to the ground as if chains were holding them down. 

The Redguard looked back at the breton woman and smirked before throwing the crystal at her. She put it in her satchel and started walking away when one of the cultists broke free and in rage, started charging at the Redguard. He quickly moved his sword around like it was a bamboo staff and planted it’s tip in the cultist’s stomach before removing it quickly, sending the cultist falling down on the ground. The woman was gone and I knew it was time for me to leave, I didn’t want to die - I wanted to go home. But as I turned around in the bush, I felt someone grip my collar and pull me out of the bushes and throw me in the group. When I looked up in panic, I saw the bloodied tip of the blade pointing at my throat and at the end of the sword, the Redguard stared at me. “What will you tell the others about what you saw today?” he asked me, what a strange question! I wanted to yell for help, but I knew he wouldn’t hesitate to finish me, like the cultists who tried to fight back! I simply answered “I wouldn’t tell them anything!” But that is when he sheathed his blade on his back and grabbed me again, “Can’t take the risk, we need to talk.” he said as he dragged me away. I looked back at the camp while I was being dragged out and I saw the two other cultists break free of their bonds, they seemed like they hesitated to attack my captor, and instead ran away in different directions, they looked terrified. 

I was taken to a house where the Redguard pulled a chair and told me to sit. He then sat in front of me and started asking me all these questions about my life, the reason why I was at the cultists’ camp, if I felt the crystal calling me, it was all so strange. When he explained to me that I was somehow connected to the crystal, I felt a thousand questions rushing towards the tip of my tongue but he didn’t let me speak. Instead, he said “I know you have questions, come with us and you will find your answers.” I mean… How could I refuse? So I said yes. This man and his partner, the breton woman, they trained me, taught me their ways - the ways of the Inquest Compendium. The rest is history… I used to be a soldier, a student and a baker, now I’m an Inquester… my duty is to protect our world.”





A capable inquester (qualities of a good character)

A good inquester is a character who, regardless of IC motivations, is willing to go on contracts and retrievals. Do not be afraid to fail, because it will happen, be ready to improve, fight harder, and keep going for the your goal, whether that be the money, the good of Nirn, or the hoarding of knowledge.  


Character guidelines (guidelines to specific “yes and no”s for characters)

  • YES:
    • Combat characters - It goes without saying that if your character is focused around combat and military operations and such, there is a place for you in our dangerous expeditions. But, we don’t exclusively host combat oriented events.
    • Non-combat characters - If you prefer the merchant-style or more townsfolk style RP, that is more than welcome. We have RP for all types of scenarios, including heavy combat, investigative, dialogue-based, and merchant style events.
    • Soldier, mages, scholars, merchants, smugglers, etc. - As long as your character is lore friendly and isn’t some kind of “Vestige” or “Dragonborn”, adventurers, merchants and scholars alike all have a place in the Inquest Compendium.
    • Guards, grunts, “meatheads” - If your character is the type to not speak very much and obey orders without questions, this style of RP is also welcomed in our guild as long as you - as a player - like to RP and interact with your fellow Inquesters. Body language, when worded properly in order to allow others to react to your emotes, can be extremely fun!
    • And more, of course - We welcome a lot of different styles of characters for RP, just make sure your character isn’t in the “No” category!
  • NO:
    • Child characters - Inquest Compendium does a lot of dangerous things, so a younger character wouldn’t realistically be safe or permitted to participate in a lot of the dangers that Inquest faces. Please speak with an officer if you would like to discuss a way that it would be possible, but be aware that it is very unlikely.
    • Daedric characters - Please feel free to be creative and weave daedric influences into your story, but RPing as an actual daedra is a real stretch and can be too easily abused (abusive powers, immortality, invincibility, etc.)
    • Blatant Lore-Breaking abilities - We are flexible, but be realistic with what your character can bring to the table. As a powerful sorc, you can cause a lightning storm across the city, but you can’t eat the entire world.
    • OP character concepts - Another idea of realism, not many people can pass off being a black hole, a god, or the last Jedi. If you’re struggling with a character concept that could border “a bit too out there” that you would really like to do, talk with an officer and we will help you create something that is unique and interesting that could be within the world of ESO!


The right player (what we’re looking for)

We’re looking for players who enjoy interactions with their fellow members, who are not only active in roleplay but also in the game to clear content with other guildies. Inquest Compendium focuses on quality of RP events rather than quantity, so events aren’t necessarily scheduled daily. In the event that there is no RP event scheduled for the day, we appreciate when our members come up with their own personal Inquest Compendium missions with other members, or ask other players for help with content/RP on our Discord channel when not many players are online in-game.

If you enjoy RP, want to get started in RP, be it casual/tavern or action/combat and are active in game and in Discord, we’d love to hear from you!


Character openings

Our current open positions are scholars, trackers, scientists, merchants. But don’t hesitate to still apply for the guild even if your character doesn’t fit in those positions, they simply are the character concepts that we're interested to add the most at the moment. Surprise us with your creativity. 


How to apply

Simply fill out the form at the end of the post and our officers will review your application and get back to you as soon as possible.




  • Can members host events too? Or only officers?
    • Both officers and members can absolutely host events, nothing makes us more happy than having an active and motivated community that RPs together even when the guild leaders are offline.
  • Would I be required to use the forums?
    • Use of the forums isn’t mandatory, but we do ask of our members to at least post their character sheet on the forums in order for those to go through the approval process of the officers.
  • What type of combat do you use?
    • We use a DnD style combat system with character sheets and rolls depending on proficiencies. We also provide opportunities in a lot of our RP events for the use of “Honor System” (free-style emotes and combat) in order to provide roleplayers with their favorite systems.
  • How big is the guild?
    • The guild has around 30 members, we’re not looking into making a large RP guild where members end being just numbers and feel like outsiders, so we plan on keeping the guild on the smaller scale (less than 50 if member activity allows it).
  • When are events usually hosted? How often?
    • Events are usually in the evening, currently working on getting events and casual RP during the day and maybe mornings. Usually we have a minimum of one (1) event weekly, sometimes up to 3 or 4 in a week. Of course, you don’t have to attend all of them, and are welcome to host your own events for the guild.
  • Do you have a discord? Am I required to use it?
    • We do have a Discord server, it is the ChroniclesRP community discord that we’re using, with our own private channels for the guild. As for the requirement, it is a requirement to use it at least to be informed on our calendar and to be on during RP events to help the DM run the event. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but at least so you can hear the DM.
  • As someone new to ESO/rp, will you help with character creation?
    • Of course! It will be our pleasure to help you with any questions you might have for us, from basic concepts to more detailed questions for the backstory of your character and more!
  • Does your guild do OOC events too?
    • We absolutely do! From PvP to Pledges, achievements and even Trials, we aim to not only be centered around roleplay, but be a guild where you can find friends for any kind of gameplay content in ESO.
  • How strict is the guild with lore?
    • We are relatively strict with the lore, as in we allow lore bending to allow the creation of believable content in the setting of the Elder Scrolls franchise, but bend the lore too much to the point of breaking it, and we’ll have to intervene.
  • Is there an age restriction?
    • In Inquest Compendium, we’re usually looking for members over the age of 18, but as we all know, it is easy to lie and also some younger players are more mature and respectable than older ones. In a nutshell, age is just a number. Our policy regarding age is one that is more focused on your general fit in the guild when it comes to maturity and respect.
  • Is there an attendance/activity policy? How often do I have to be online/attending events?
    • We do not force our members to attend events and participate actively, we understand that people may have busy lives outside of this beautiful chip-induced digital dream. But we do appreciate when members show up from time to time, our officers and members who host event put a lot of work into these creations for the good of the community and it is much appreciated when people make the effort to at least hop on to attend an event from time to time.
  • Why is your URL redirecting me to ChroniclesRP? What is that?
    • The ChroniclesRP is a cross-gaming RP community that hosts multiple independent “chapters” (guilds) in different games, such as Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online and Ashes of Creation (upcoming)! Our forums and discord channels are hosted by the ChroniclesRP as they provide their chapters website platforms and one large all-inclusive discord server to help us network with other roleplayers! To learn more about them, click here: