What is a “Chapter“?

What is a “Chapter“?

As you might imagine, based on the term Chapter this is our way of integrating multiple roleplay (RP) communities into a single, organized, and structured basis for RP! These different Chapters are intertwined within a wide array of games, all with RP in mind.

Each Chapter is comprised of its “board members”, and, of course, its dedicated member base. The board members for each individual Chapter act in a collective effort for the entire community. This is witnessed in action, through our regular meetings that are hosted where all, if not most of our board members can speak in candor their different ideas or resolutions they might have for certain issues brought into the community. Through combined efforts, this is how The Chronicles has been formed.

We encourage our members of the different Chapters to explore between the different games we have within the community if they wish. You aren’t restricted to one Chapter, and we also have a Discord available to any member of our Chapters, to explore and meet new people. You are free and welcome here, so long as you are a member of any of our Chapters; after all, we are a group of like minded RP’ers here! 

As it stands now, we have several different Chapters based in a few different games, here are a few examples:



The Sovereign Dominion is based in the game, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SW: TOR). This Chapter is a neutral (Not allied with the Empire nor the Republic, neither the Alliance) group of Sith and other non-force sensitive personnel that continues to grow in power. They host events with a story focus and a D&D combat system that has been developed over several years, with abilities laid out on a character sheet, with multiple stats to customize your character and make them unique. There are also various different branch missions that anyone is welcome to embark on weekly, each with their own story. A key factor in this is that the players are able to shape what happens within the story, and nothing is set in stone. The Sovereign Dominion welcomes all who love Star Wars – or RP, or both – to come and enjoy the stories made within the expansive universe of Star Wars…



The Brimstone Irregulars (Division) is cross-faction guild in World of Warcraft (WoW). The Brimstone contains an Alliance Division and Horde Division, both that take up diverse contracts for the Legionfall effort in assistance with repeling the Burning Legion from Azeroth. Any individual who has advanced knowledge and tactical experience in combat are welcome in the Brimstone Irregulars after an extensive interview process that involves the activity in one effort of the Brimstone Campaign. The Brimstone Combat System utilizes a combat system similiar to D&D, but does not contain the in-depth characterization of player stats that most intricate character sheets detail. The Horde and Alliance Divisions hold an event once a week for the current Faction Campaign, and there are side-events hosted via independent contracts that are established upon completion of a Campaign. These contracts may involve the disassembly of opposing factions or forces, the removal of high-ranking, corrupted individuals who oppose the Legionfall forces, and the direct assault against the Burning Legion forces. The Brimstone recruits any individual who wants to delve into the role-playing side of Warcraft Lore, experience a detail-orientated community, or build their own story within the Brimstone and the WoW community.



The Red Diamond Empire is a neutral/cross alliance guild in the Elder Scrolls Online PC NA megaserver. Our RP vision is to restore the Empire of Cyrodiil to the former glory it once held, free from the clutches of daedric influence and false rulers seeking to claim the Ruby Throne. We offer many opportunities for RP each week and seek to create a diverse RP styles. Whether you wish to be a civilian who assists through trade, labor resources/knowledge, a legionnaire taking the fight to the front lines under our military, Legion Victrix, or opting for a more undercover and subterfuge oriented faction known as the Order of Whispers that helps further our goals from the shadows, there is bound to be a place for you to fit in. TRDE is a noble oriented guild with little to no tolerance of evils such as lycanthropy, vampirism, or ties to criminal orginizations such as the Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood without first giving up these ties. We welcome all players who are interested in RP – new or experienced – to join our ranks and be a part of our community.